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"Our Daily Activities" and what your pet gets to look forward to on an average day at the resort.

 Our mornings start out with big yawns and stretches from the comfy cozie beds inside the warm and quiet cottages. 

At about 7:00 Am, I am out there singing "rise and shine" to all the lazy sleepyheads still blinking at the bright sunlight!  Honestly, there are MANY times that ClaraBell has been caught snoring when i come into her suite!


One by one I greet everyone and let them out to have a chance to stretch and say good morning and then off we go on the "potty trail" with a Coffee-mug to-go in one hand and a granola bar in the other and a pocket stuffed full of yummy doggie  treats --- I'm gonna have to get a doggie back-pack here soon! 




The weather has been a bit of a challenge lately and our trails are a bit limited due to the 3 feet of white fluffy stuff out there and the sub-zero temperatures, but with my new snow shoes tightly secured to my boots, and the use of my husbands 'trapper' hat and the relief of the bitter cold, away we go across the hayfield/ potty field  to get up into the trees and trails beyond the first fence line.  And that's where the fun and our adventures begins!!!


  Once we get deep into the forest and the hidden beauty of the quiet wilderness, all the guests are free to roam and play and investigate whatever they want, as we pick and choose which trail looks good on that particular day. 



  After a new guests arrival at the resort, we form a bond at home on leash, and are slowly introduced to the pack.  So while on our walks,  our guests are then free to roam off leash to enjoy the freedom of the abundant trails that lay before us.  And oh what fun do they have!  I was always fearful of letting the guests go off leash but they all stay together as a group sharing all their new-found treasures of sticks, branches, and the odd protesting squirrel and magpies.  Plus, one whistle to Rusty if he has wandered off to far and he is on his way to my side in a flash,.... with EVERYONE behind him!  someday's its a scary site to see 6 dogs running as fast as they can.... downhill .... right towards you without the effort to stop or move aside!   One learns how to immediately close your eyes, brace and expect the worse,.... which seems to never happen....


 We spend at least 2-3 hours on our morning walk, just enjoying everything that nature has to offer. There is a creek that runs through the property within a large ravine and the dogs LOVE it down there,  there are so many things to see, smell and search for they never seem to get bored of spending time down there. 





After we return home its time to feed the horses, alpaca's and chickens, ducks and sheep

 But before long its all done and then its breakfast time and then quiet time to clean all the snowballs or burrs out of their feet!  They all enjoy the quiet time in their warm rooms to relax and have a nap.... except for Maddie.... she just doesn't understand WHY we have to have a nap!!!!!...



Megan can tho!



 Then about noon, we all go out for another potty trip, play and spend some time in the yard learning new skills.... such as sharing.......Zuess doesn't understand the importance of tug-of-war with someone else, He wants to do it all by himself!

 I'm still trying to figure out a way to get everyone to learn how to haul wood,  Maddie thinks it might be fun just to eat it tho, so i think i have my work cut out for me!  Although she is VERY good at hauling the hay in the sleigh!  Go Maddie Go!!!


Then if its warm enough we go for another walk or a horseback ride, or if the kids are home we're off to go tobogganing, or something fun like that.  We learn the importance of 'come, sit, stay and most of all....Lets' go play



They help me with any kind of fencing and chores that needs to be done throughout the afternoon, or best of all,....... lilac trimming..... I'm really not too sure why i transplanted ALL those lilacs!

Then around 4:00pm its time to feed the animals again.... boy do they ever like to help! and then its dinner time and then quiet time.   

I go back out again at 7pm for another potty run and then again at 10pm for another short walk and then its lights out, a yummy snack and bedtime.  

No wonder their STILL sleeping when i come to wake them up to go and play the next morning!

 All in all, we have a very busy day full of laughter and fun, yes, even  a few growls here and there, but most of all tons of smiles from everyone. 






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