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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past years I have recieved many questions from all of my clients, which I always encourage you to ask.  If you dont ask , then .... you dont know

So I have written out the most commom questions I get from everyone, to help you understand the type of business we have and the service we provide

I will be continually updating this list, so make sure you come back often


1 - Q  - I see you have horses and you take the dogs out with the horses... My dog is terrified of horses and other animals, and/or has never seen horses before.  Are you going to be taking my dog out off leash with your horses???!!!!!

A - Yes, we do have horses.  4 of them.  The dogs have absolulty no access to ANY of the other animals on our property.  The dogs have their very own exclusive play area that is just for them.  I DO NOT ever take NEW dogs out on a hike/walk with the horses.  The only dogs that go out with me on horseback are my regulars that come all the time, have a recall when called, stay with me and have been socialized with the horses and are not scared of them.  I also never take any more than 3 dogs with me at a time on horseback.  So, no worries, your dog will not be exposed to the horses, unless you want them to be.


2- Q - My dog goes through extreme anxiety when left alone.  And has never been kenneled before

A -  With every new booking, you recieve a free day care day.  This enables your dog to come out for the day and play with me and the dogs, go for a walk/hike, and to get to know the smells of everything here.  And with you coming back to pick them up, they dont feel like they've just been abandoned.  So when they come for their holiday stay, they know where they are going, they know who I am and my dogs, they know that this is a great place to be, and most importantly that you are coming back to get them.  So any anxiety issues that they may have, never happens.  That first daycare day is their adjustment day and when they come back, they are happy and excited to be here.

As soon as your dog arrives we always go out for a long hike.  Either on leash or off.  This exercise immediatly releases all the tension they have of being dropped off here and they simply balance out into our routine and do very well.

This service is not mandatory, if you cannot take advantage of it, that is ok.  Most dogs do really well without a pre-daycare day.


3 - Q - My dog will not stay with you on a walk, he/she runs away

A - Not a problem.  I have a 50' line that I use to take dogs on-leash with.  So they can still moisey around and be a part of the pack, but I still have a leash on them.  They will still be walked daily with the other dogs.


4- Q - My dog is really old, blind and deaf.

A - No worries.  We take them to.  They have their own quiet cottage to stay in, while they can still get in and out to their own private run to be outside.  I will take them out on their own private, quiet walk with a few other quieter dogs. 


5 - Q - My dog is a diabetic or epliptic or needs meds

A - Not a problem.  We give meds to dogs as per requested.  We have had many diabetics who need insulin injections daily, and dogs who siezure.  We deal with each dog to their unique specific needs.  They are all individuals and we treat them as such.


6 - Q -  My dog is on a raw food diet.  Do you accomodate that?

A - Yes, we do.  I have a large freezer and keep all raw food there.  It is brought out the day before feeding and fed thawed.  Bring a schedule of their feeding program, whatever it may be and we will feed your dog according to their specific diet, whatever it may be.


7 - Q - My dog is aggressive and not dog-social

A - Perfect!  We take them to!  I have had SO many calls just like that and no other kennel will take them.  Not that they are bad dogs, they arnt, they just like people better than dogs!!!!! 

So call Patricia and Gerry at 'Harmony Farm Kennel and Lamb" and they will accomodate your amazing dog.  They are completly set up, have had their kennel for 3 years and very skilled at giving your dog the best vacation ever.




8- Q - My dog is intack, in heat, or pregnant.

A - We are completly set up for intack dogs, dogs that are in heat and bitches that are pregnant.  And are more than happy to have them join us.

And also, if your dog is intack and aggressive- dominant, please contact Patricia at:



9- Q - What do I need to bring?

A - All comforts and smells of home to make their stay as happy as we can.

Bring their own food ( I can feed them mine, but would prefer your dog to stay on their own food, its better for their digetstive system)

Bring any kind of bedding, pillow/blankets that they like to sleep on. Maybe even a piece of your clothing for smells of you. 

Please have them on-leash upon arrival.  My chickens are stupid and might be out in the yard.

Dont bring any bowls.   I have LOTS and will most likely lose yours!!!! seriously!!!!

treat, toys and bones are accepted and will only be in your dogs own kennel, they will not be shared with any other dog.... However.... Rusty (my dog) will do everything in his power to steal them!.... seriously, he has a severe cleptomania problem!!

and your paper work, if you are coming for the first time.  Make sure I have all feeding instructions and emergency contacts.



 I hope this helps, I am going to be continually adding new information to this page, so please feel free to keep asking questions that I havnt covered here.

Have a fabulous day!!!!










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