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Sarah Rose - "Dog Time" dog trainer

I would like to introduce to you one of the best dog trainers and coaches that I have ever met.   Her name is Sarah Rose and she has helped me and my pack to become more balanced and calm in many situations. 

We simply would not have the "pack" that I have for the dog kennels without her.  And i know how many of you just love Megan, Zuess and Rusty.... well, Rusty is still a work in progress, but it is because of Sarah and her dog training philosophy that we are the pack that we are.


 Sarah Rose Dog Time Training and Coaching


 She is also the Coordinator for the St. Johns Ambulance Dog Training Program that Meg and I are now a part of. 

She is also Dog Safe Certified.

 So if you are looking for help with your dog training, whether it be basic dog obedience, dealing with aggression issues or separation anxiety.... or just trying to find that special bond that we all want and dream of as Lassie and her human.   Give Sarah a call, you wont be disappointed at all with her professional dog training and private and group dog coaching sessions.  

A link to her "Dog Time" website is right above her photo, you can access all her contact information there about her dog training and dog coaching and to read her Biography as well.


Service Areas: Kamloops, BC
Training Services Offered: Private training, group classes, hike & train sessions, members-only hike & train group outings

Specialties: Working with puppies to prevent problem behaviors and conducting outdoor pet  training sessions.




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