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   Booking information - what to do next.... and what to expect......


Hi and welcome to our booking information page, what to do next and what to expect...

After reading this, you will want to go to the 'contact us' page, fill out the small form and clik submit. I need your correct email address and phone number to get in touch with you

  I will then send you my registration forms from my laptop for you to fill out and bring with you when you come.  The registration forms are NOT on this website, so please don't go searching for it, I have to forward them to you.  You can also fill them out and email them back to me, but its just as easy for you to simply bring them when you come.

Please make sure that you include the days and times of drop off and pick up. 

 Preferred times are between 8-10 am and/or 3-5 pm

If you pick up after 5pm, you will be charged for that nights stay. 

 If you are travelling and cannot make those times because of traffic, ferry crossing or any other variable factor that comes with travelling, simply let me know the time in advance when you will be arriving to make sure that I am here when you get here. 

 I am out with the dogs throughout the day beginning from 10:30 and up to 3pm and I may not be here.  I also spend time with my family after 5pm, but I am willing to accommodate you and make different pick up times if you let me know.

Please bring their bedding, food, and most important, make sure that they are on-leash when you arrive.

Thank you and I am looking forward to meeting you.


  *****   Please note that I am no longer accepting dominant, non-social, or aggressive dogs.  If your dog is unable to be a part of a happy, social pack then they are not welcome.


Rates & Services


                    Hours of Operation: All day, 7 days a week

We are real flexible for the times that you need to come and pick up your pet.  Just let me know the times that you are coming and we will do our best to accommodate you. However, if you come to pick up your pet from their visit after 5pm we will charge you for that nights stay.


Rates   - plus 5% gst


$25.00 a night per dog


$20.00 day for daycare services


Family rates

If you have more than one dog coming and sharing a suite.


$25.00 for the first dog

$15.00 each additional dog


Extended visits - Discounted rates

Please call for more information for visits longer than 12 days

 Please call us anytime to come and visit

Deb and the gang :)






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