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  Welcome to “Country Pawz Estates”!


Hello!!! My name is Debbie Lund; I am a wife and a mother of 3 fantastic kids.  I was raised in the Highland Valley on a historic ranch, which has given me the opportunity to work with and train horses and working cattle dogs for many years.

     I am an artist and was an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. I paint what I love, and my family and my horses are a big part of my collection.  But most of all I truly enjoy getting out into the country and going on hikes, biking, horseback riding, wildlife photography and any other kind of outdoor activity and adventure that I can be a part of. 

 My team are my dogs and the reason why I am doing this is because of my dogs, they are truly amazing…


     Rusty is a real gentleman and Megan is the stability.
 I started “Country Pawz” because I love my dogs and I love going out and about and playing with them every day, and my friend was in real need of finding a place for her wonderful little dog Dixie

     So I had Dixie over for 2 weeks and we had SO much fun.  Then I did a bit of research and found out that there is a real need of more facilities in the area for pets to go to while their owners had to go away on vacation, but I wanted something different.  So I created these beautiful country cottages and now another large community house with large spacious runs and we love it!.  So that's how our holiday retreat started and how "country Pawz" came to be.

     We have the availability and the room to have so much fun, and to be able to do so many different things here that it gives your pet such an incredible adventure.

     I love what I do. I am first aide certified, insured and bonded and my first and foremost priority is to care for your beloved pet as my own.

I would like you to meet Megan and Rusty, my two best friends with whom we share many miles of hiking, swimming and horseback riding, along with many of the guests that come to enjoy it as well.





 This is a view of the back courtyard-yard which then opens up to the beautiful hayfield and many acres of endless private hiking trails,swimming ponds and creeks to explore in.



 The ducks, Princess and Cola and also Smudge, our Alpaca, and no, the dogs have NO access to any of the farm animals.... these guys were just in for a visit when the kennel was empty.


A view coming in from the hayfield.


We have also brought in another new member of our Team and that is "Zuess"

Zuess is one of Meg and Rusty's pups that returned home to us from his home that simply was not a fit for him.  The amazing  ability of how a pack can rehabilitate another member is truly amazing, and a miracle within itself.

Zuess has come from the "Dr. Jekyll/Mr.Hyde" temperament to now my famous "Walmart greeter" and he is such a joy.  My daughter Bailey has been helping him to learn new life skills, to bedome a partner and friend and the two of them are completely inseparable.  

He greets everyone who comes with a huge bark, big licks and wagging tail.  He is now teaching others  how easy it is to be "balanced" and that you don't always have to pick fights and try to claim everything as your own.... sharing is a good thing!  We love him to pieces and are giving him the experience and balance of a better life that he needs.

As of spring of 2011, Zuess has been successfully adopted into his new home and is doing FABULOUS!!!! Thankyou so much Kathy for allowing Zuess to finally find his forever home.   And thankyou Zuess for teaching us so much about pure positive energy, patience and that your unconditional love is always there.









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